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Bring magic to life in your child’s room!

Find the perfect unicorn room decor for your child. Our range includes fun and magical designs with all kinds of unicorns. Turn your child's room into a playful, ancient fantasy world.

Personalized Unicorn Portraits

Turn your child's bedroom into a fantasy land with our Unicorn Room Decor. Picture a world with beautiful unicorns and rainbow magic. Our decor brings this to life in your home.

  • Step 1: Choose a design

    With over 150 designs to choose from, there is a design to suit every age, interest and occasion!

  • Step 2: Upload a photo

    Upload your favorite photo.
    A Live Preview will appear where you can get an idea of what it will roughly look like. (This is not the final result!)

  • Step 3: Place the order

    After placing your order, our team of talented designers will start working on your order. Within 48 hours, you'll receive a preview by email, which you can approve or request adjustments until you are 100% satisfied!


How to make a unicorn bedroom for kids?

To design a unicorn-themed bedroom for kids, begin by selecting a color palette full of soft pastels, pinks, purples, and light blues. Use our personalized unicorn portraits as beautiful centerpieces. Be sure to include unicorn-patterned bedding, curtains, and a cozy rug to enhance the theme. Incorporate unicorn toys, figures, and storybooks to bring the fantasy world to life. Adding elements like twinkling lights or a rainbow mobile can create a playful and dreamy atmosphere in your child's unicorn-themed room.

What are the best unicorn decorations to use?

The ideal unicorn decorations are ones that spark your child's interest and creativity. Look for wall art showcasing different unicorns, 3D unicorn figures, themed bedding sets, and fun unicorn-shaped pillows. To add an interactive element, consider a unicorn-themed bookshelf or a play area filled with unicorn toys.

Is the unicorn room decor suitable for all ages?

Definitely! Our unicorn room decor caters to fans of all ages. It's perfect for decorating a nursery, a young child's room, or even a space for an older unicorn admirer. Our portraits and decor items bring a fun and vibrant touch that's appealing to everyone, creating a timeless and joyful atmosphere.

Is there an opportunity for revisions if I'm not completely satisfied with the initial preview?

Yes, we offer free unlimited revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction. You can request adjustments to the preview until you are 100% happy with the design.

Transform Their Space with Magical Unicorn Decoration

Start a magical journey with our exclusive unicorn room decor. Our
collection offers everything you need to transform any room into a mystical
unicorn paradise. Dive into a world where unicorns bring a touch of magic to
every corner, creating a space that's not just a room but a fantastical escape.
The perfect gift for any unicorn-loving kid!

The Ideal Unicorn Decorations

Unicorn Room Decor should spark creativity and wonder. Here are some of the
best unicorn decorations you can use to create a captivating space:

  • Wall Art: Showcase different unicorn designs on the walls to bring a touch of magic to the room.
  • 3D Unicorn Figures: Add depth and dimension with 3D unicorn figures that stand out.
  • Themed Bedding Sets: Make bedtime an adventure with unicorn-patterned bedding.
  • Unicorn-Shaped Pillows: Fun unicorn-shaped pillows add a playful touch to the decor.

Personalized Unicorn Room Decor for a Unique Touch

Customize your child’s room with our personalized unicorn room decor. Our bespoke options allow you to tailor decorations to your child's preferences, ensuring their room is as unique as their imagination. We provide a range of options to make their room a one-of-a-kind fantasy realm.

Build a Complete Unicorn Bedroom

Creating a theme is about storytelling. Let us help you choose pieces that work together, making your Unicorn Bedroom not just a set of items, but a unified magical world. Besides a personalized unicorn portrait, you can also add other magical accessories like shimmering wall decals that mimic a starry night sky or a cozy unicorn-shaped pillow. These elements work together to create a complete and immersive unicorn experience in your child's bedroom.

Creating a Dreamy Atmosphere

Unicorn room decor is the perfect way to create a dreamy, serene atmosphere in your child's bedroom. Our collection helps to cultivate a space where imagination and tranquility go hand in hand, encouraging peaceful nights and adventurous days.

Why Choose Our Unicorn Room Decor?

Our unicorn room decor stands out for its quality, creativity, and attention to detail. We understand the importance of creating a space that's safe, inspiring, and fun for children. Our products are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and safety, while our designs are crafted to ignite the imagination and bring joy to both kids and adults alike.